The Moulin Rouge

Founded in 1889, the Moulin Rouge (Red Windmill) was the greatest of the Paris music halls, and was frequented by Toulouse Lautrec (whose absinthe spoon is on display at the Absinthe Museum). The windmill on the roof of the Moulin Rouge is a holdover from the era of Louis XIV, where the Montmartre district of Paris was home to as many as 30 windmills. The Moulin Rouge's windmill was repaired & altered many times over its life. One of the more peculiar features of the Moulin Rouge was a large Stucco elephant, bought from the great exhibition Universal Exhibition of 1889 (like the Eiffel Tower). Ascending the spiral staircase in one of the beast's legs allowed a gentleman to witness a belly dance, in the pachyderm's belly! Of course this was at the height of absinthe's popularity in Paris, and vast quantity's of the green fairy were consumed